The Impact of Exponential Growth in Video Content across Social Media Channels

The Impact of Exponential Growth in Video Content across Social Media Channels

The exponential growth of online video content and the proliferation of social media channels have revolutionized the way we consume and create videos.

However, concerns have arisen regarding the impact of this growth on the overall quality of video content. Here we discuss whether the massive expansion of online video content has led to a decline in video quality

Accessibility and User-Generated Content

The rise of online video and social media has made video content more accessible to a wider audience. User-generated content has flourished, providing a platform for individuals to share their videos. While this has democratized content creation, it has also led to a vast quantity of videos with varying degrees of quality, many of questionable production standards. This has resulted in a mixed landscape of video quality, both from individuals and brands

Fragmentation and Short Attention Span

The multitude of social media channels and the rapid consumption patterns associated with them have contributed to a fragmented viewing experience. Social media platforms often prioritize shorter videos and quick, attention-grabbing content to cater to users' shorter attention spans. As a result, the emphasis on creating content that captures attention quickly may sometimes compromise the overall quality of the video. It appears that consumers have voracious appetites for content, and perhaps like goldfish they forget what they have consumed just as quickly as they have watched it

Lower Production Standards

With the ease of video creation and editing tools available, many individuals and brands have become content creators, some just using a smart phone for end-to-end production. While this has opened opportunities for creativity, it has also lowered the production standards and editing quality in some cases. Rushed production processes, lack of professional expertise, and limited resources can result in videos with subpar quality, including issues such as poor lighting, sound, or editing techniques. You may say what does this matter, as there is so much content being consumed, will the consumers of the content really notice or care for that matter if the production values are poor

Quality Differentiation and Professional Content

Despite the challenges, the growth of online video content has also spurred an increased focus on high-quality, professional video production. Many brands, creators, and platforms recognize the importance of differentiating themselves through exceptional video content. So, for some, poor quality content circulating the internet can give them the opportunity to shine. They can raise their production game and levels of creativity to stand out from the crowd amidst the vast sea of videos in circulation

While the massive growth of online video content and social media channels has undoubtedly led to an influx of varying quality videos, it is important to recognize that it has also elevated the standards of video production in many aspects. As video consumption continues to evolve, striking a balance between accessibility, creativity, and maintaining high production standards will be crucial in preserving and enhancing the overall quality of video content. Quality will hopefully come to the fore.